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aka Summer Snapdragon - Tall, well-branched, perfect for adding color to hot sunny places. Attracts butterflies, tough plant, blooms all summer and drought tolerant. Full sun. Spikes to 8" tall.

Available colors: purple and white.


Green Leaf and Bronze Leaf Varieties - Low growing, showy waxy leaves, erect succulent stems, continuous bloomers. Like bright, filtered light. Bronze leaf works well in full-sun while green leaf works well in the shade.

Available colors: Green and bronze leaf: red, pink, white, and mix.


Fancy Leaf: Large, beautiful, colorful leaves, typically 8-12" long. Average height 15" but varies between varieties. Full Shade.

Strap Leaf: Smaller, beautiful, colorful leaves with ruffled edges. Average height typically under 12". Sun tolerant. Either choice makes for a great accent in the landscape and adds a burst of color and texture.


Bright, showy, striking colors. Flame type produces upright, feathered plume. Crested is an exotic coral-shaped, comb-type bloom, resembling a "brain". Can grow to 3' tall and 6-18" wide. Full sun.


Sometimes referred to as Painted Nettle. Incredibly colorful foliage in a variety of attractive shapes and sizes make for a great choice in landscapes and pots. Full sun and shade varieties available.


Cheerful blooms over tall feathery foliage. Blooms throughout the summer. Ideal for butterfly gardens. Makes superb cut flowers.

Available colors:

Sonata: Carmine, Pink, White, Mix
Sunny: Gold, Red


Unique color and texture. Great as an accent plant in the landscape. Sun and shade tolerant.

Varieties: Cirrus, Silver Dust


Also known as coneflower for its dome-shaped center. Blooms from June to Fall. Great for pots and landscape too. Attracts butterflies. Full sun.


Icy light blue flowers bloom Spring to frost. Olive gray-green leaves cause it to stand out when partnered with typical green foliage plants. Low growing form makes it a great border plant. Prefers full sun but shade tolerable.


Daisy like brilliantly colored blooms, appearing in spring and summer. Makes a great drought-tolerant ground cover. Full sun.


Often referred to as Bachelor Buttons. Beautiful and long-lasting button type blooms. Provide a care-free show of color from Spring until frost. Great for cut flowers and can be dried without losing color. Thrives in heat and poor soil. Full sun.

Available Colors: Pink, Purple


Beautifully colored, mounding ground cover for dense shade. Provides a spectacular display of color from Spring to frost. Shade only.

Available colors: (Tempo & Elfin)

Orange, Coral, Lipstick, Mix, Pink, Red, Violet, White, Voodoo Mix


Woody, tropical shrubs with large rough leaves and numerous heads of vividly colored flowers. Great for butterfly and hummingbird gardens. Bloom from Spring to frost. Full sun.

Available colors: New Gold, Red, Trailing Purple, and more.


Hardy, annual plants that will cheer up any garden! Great for mass plantings. Full sun.

Available Colors:

Big Bloom: Yellow, Orange
Small Bloom: Orange, Yellow, Bolero


Bushy plant with bright green leaves and many daisy-like yellow flowers all summer long. Full Sun.


Unique star shaped blooms that bunch together. Great for containers or beds. Attracts butterflies. Full Sun to Partial Shade.

Available colors:

Dwarf: Bright Red, Pink, Rose, Violet, White, Mix
Butterfly: Deep Rose, Pink, Red, White, Mix


Profuse bloomers. Bright and lively color for mass plantings. Bloom from Spring to frost. Great in gardens and containers. Full Sun.

Available Colors:
Aladdin: Blue, Cherry, Nautical Mix, Pink, Red, White
Madness: Clear Mix, Red, Midnight, Rose, Total Mix, White
Mambo: Blue, Mix, Purple, Red, Rose, Sweet Pink, Violet, White


Attractive chartreuse green or purple foliage. Great for containers or mass plantings. Sun or shade tolerable.

Available Colors: Green and Black (purple)


Trailing annual that creates a beautiful floral carpet in beds. Blooms in an array of bright and beautiful colors. Great for containers too. Full Sun.

Available Colors: Margarita Mix, Fuschia, Orange, Yellow


Produces huge flowerheads that add bold, stunning color to borders. Blooms throughout summer. Full Sun.

Available variety: Indian Summer


Annual bedding plant for immediate, long lasting blooms that create vibrant color in beds and containers. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Full to Partial Sin.

Available varieties: Evolution, Victoria, Rhea


Perennial bedding plant. Bright, vibrant colors that bloom through summer. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Heat Tolerant. Full Sun.

Available Colors: Red, Purple, Mix


Compact, spreading and showy growth habit. Blooms early to late summer. Partial Sun.

Available Colors: (Clown)
Blue, Burgundy, Mix, Rose


Low growing, spreading growth habit, with vigorous blooms. Great for borders and trailing down containers. Full Sun.

Available Colors: Red, White, Purple, Pink


Prolific heat and drought tolerant annual, perfect for hot, dry areas. Blooms until frost. Commonly used for borders, edging and ground cover. Full Sun.

Available Colors:
Cora: Red, Burgundy, Deep Lavender, Lavender, Mix, Apricot, White
Pacifica: Apricot, Red, Polka Dot, Punch, White, Lipstick Mix
Titan: Apricot, Burgundy, Icy Pink, Lilac, Polka Dot, Punch, Rose, Red, White, Mix


A carefree and petal-packed spreading joy in gardens. Heat tolerant and low maintenance plant. Full Sun.

Available colors: Orange, White, Yellow


Bold colored, long lasting blooms. Bred for exceptional performance in the garden and in containers. Plant habit and bloom time are uniform across all the vibrant colors. Full sun.

Available colors: Red, Coral, White, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Mix


Low growing, profuse bloomer that requires little maintenance. Thrives in heat. Full Sun.

Available colors: Cherry, Fire, Orange, White, Mix